Ian Gage

Ian Gage, P.E., MJIE
Position: Director
Profession: Civil/Sanitary Engineer and Management Consultant
Expertise: Civil Engineer/Sanitary Engineer
Years with the firm: 21 (Founding Member)
Quote: “Life is sustained and enhanced by the environment in which it lives.”

I am a Civil Engineer with 24 years of experience in the design and construction of water supply systems. I am a professionally registered engineer in Jamaica and have served as Chairman of the Civil Engineering Division of the Jamaica Institution of Engineers.

My areas of experience include:

  • Water Supply Design
  • Waste Management
  • Sanitation
  • Project Management
  • Training
  • My career began at the National Water Commission where I was responsible for the design of several water supply systems. My next involvement was in the national hydro-power program at the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica and also while there, I designed the then new 6 million gallon per day water supply system for Ocho Rios. I subsequently went into private industry, providing consultancy services in water, sanitation and the environment. I am a founding partner of Environmental Solutions Limited, a leading environmental consulting firm in Jamaica.

    Additionally, I have worked for the UNDP, managing a Typhoid response project and for PAHO where I served as a project manager for a sanitation upgrade in one of Kingston’s volatile inner city communities providing upgrades to dilapidated water and sewage service. One of my most enjoyable, though risky, tasks was to have men from two opposing communities work together to solve a sewer problem that had affected a community school for over a decade.

    I managed the startup of the GOJ/IDB National Solid Waste Management Program and served as the consultant Program Director for the GOJ/IDB Rural Water Program in the Ministry of Water and Housing. I currently serve as consultant engineer on the Jamaica Water Supply Improvement Project.