George Campbell

George Campbell, MSc.
Position: Director
Profession: Economist
Expertise: Environment, Community and Socio Economic Specialist
Years with the firm: 21 (Founding Member)
Quote: “True happiness is a serious business. The serious business of acquiring knowledge, insight and understanding” Seneca

For convenience we have compartmentalized the environment to study and try to understand it. One day we will see more retrospectively and holistically, that all phenomena and the disciplines we ascribe them are but expressions of that totality of the circumstances surrounding our existence …our environment. This perception validates for me, my own adopted motto and the importance, yet curiosity I bring to all I experience and learn. My commitment to ESL, my colleagues, our clients, Jamaica and this world we all treasure, is to continue learning understanding and imparting so that I become a contributor and facilitator in the search for an achievable if elusive sustainability.

Currently my foci at Environmental Solutions Ltd. involves:

  • Social and Economic Issues in the Environment
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Resource Assessment, Valuation and Risk
  • Heritage and Cultural Protection
  • Over a long career in consulting I have undertaken studies in such diverse fields as agriculture, economic development, housing and tourism, manufacturing and commerce, manpower training and education, transport and telecommunications, as well as studies in the environmental sciences across most sectors.

    As an economist and an environmentalist I have provided several consultancies throughout the Caribbean in several related fields. Projects worked on include those commissioned to the firm or individually by the principal multilateral agencies, regional governments and development institutions, private sector organizations, firms and individuals.

    I am a founding partner at ESL and my current title is Consulting Principal and Director.