Tribute to Barry A. Wade


Tribute to Barry A. Wade ESL’s Founding Chairman

We said goodbye to our founding Chairman Dr. Barry Wade on August 1, 2015. Barry was an iconic leader who applied his scientific training to innovation for development, to productivity and to advocacy for principles of good governance. He devoted his life to showing people the way to Christ through faith and work, social justice for all, and environmentally conscious practices that would secure better living standards for current and future generations. Barry put the Q in quality and always emphasised the importance of maintaining the highest standards.

Affectionately known at ESL as Doc and Uncle Barry, Dr. Wade was a leader, advisor, and mentor to the entire staff. We remember him as one who set high standards for others to follow in the professional world and in the spiritual realm. He shared his view of life in an analogy with cycling which he loved dearly – “Be sure to take your turn in giving others your wheel”.

His staff have said “He was jovial, lively, and genuine. When it was play time, he certainly knew how to kick off his shoes and relax. He made us comfortable to be ourselves”. “He was concerned for the general growth of each person and we are proud to have known and worked with him”. “Many employers profess care and affection for their staff.

Dr. Wade lived it. Put at its simplest – he loved each one of us”. Dr. Barry Wade - Your legacy of excellence in design, preparation, execution and management, will be cherished always. Your compassionate spirit, love, appreciation, and your inspiration to your ESL family to dream more, learn more, do more and become more will live in our hearts.