Climate Change Jamaica – Top 5


Earlier this month, some businesses were forced to close early or turn away customers due to an ongoing water shortage crisis. On an economic scale, hours of work and transactions lost to weather related occurrences such as dry spells/drought amass losses totaling millions of dollars. Financial losses accredited to weather related disasters are predicted to worsen due to climate change.

Climate change is described as a long-term change in weather pattern distribution over a period of time. This change in weather patterns stems from an increase in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that has, over time, negatively shifted the balance of our planet’s ecosystem leading to rising global temperatures. These higher temperatures serve as a catalyst for more extreme weather conditions, which give rise to worsening tropical droughts, forest fires, heat waves, floods, hurricanes, and further north/south of the tropics, worsening blizzards and rapid snow melt.

Whether you operate your own business or you are responsible for anything that lands on your desk, processing line or job queue, all Jamaicans should make an effort to listen to climate change talks. In fact, the implications of climate change are imperative to everyone today just as much as they are to future generations. Your affairs, whether you are an entrepreneur, employee or student requires a certain level of balance in the ecosystem for sustainability, for productivity and for remaining competitive. Here are the top five reasons climate change should be important to all Jamaicans:

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