Public-Private Partnership Initiative #JaClimateWalk

ESL + MLECC Public-Private Partnership Initiative Meeting

In this photo (left to right): Mrs. Eleanor Jones (Managing Director, ESL), Dr. Alwin Hales (Permanent Secretary, MWLECC), Dr. Theresa Rodriguez (Manager of Environmental Consultancy Services, ESL), The Honourable Minster Robert Pickersgill (MWLECC), Minister Ian Hayles (Minister of State, MWLECC), Ms. Nalini Jagnarine (Environmental Analyst and Business Development Coordinator, ESL), Colonel Oral Khan (Chief Technical Director, MWLECC).

The members of Environmental Solutions Ltd. (ESL), host of Jamaica's Climate Walk, are enthused to announce the official involvement of and support by the Ministry of Water, Land, Environment and Climate Change (MWLECC) for the October event. In a meeting held earlier this week, a public-private partnership initiative was outlined with Honourable Minister Robert Pickersgill which would:

  1. Sensitize the general public to the impending threats of climate change,
  2. Promote climate change mitigation best practices,
  3. Involve more Government Ministries in the event build-up and staging, as well as
  4. Raise public support for Jamaica's Climate Walk to be held on Saturday, October 24, 2015 at 4:30 p.m.

This move, on the part of The Honourable Minister Pickersgill and the MWLECC, is highly commendable. In international news, we hear of a few countries in a state of gridlock as requests for government support for climate change mitigation policies continue to be met with defiance. See an example here. Meanwhile in Jamaica, our government's active pursuit of climate change public education and policies could yield such benefits as:

  1. Local access to emerging climate change mitigation technologies/solutions/funding,
  2. The emergence of new sustainable industries and job classifications,
  3. Increased security for the future of our farmers, and
  4. The creation of a sustainable Jamaica for future generations.

Climate change is everybody's business. As we continue this journey towards a sustainable future we applaud the MWLECC for their participation and invite other Government Ministries to come on board.

Calling ALL Jamaicans! Join us on Saturday, October 24, 2015 at Jamaica's Climate Walk as we "Walk for Health, Stand for Earth," and play our part for our country, our families and our future.

Would you like to learn more about Public-Private Partnership Initiatives? Watch the video below...

Matt H.
Communications Development Coordinator
Environmental Solutions Ltd./Jamaica's Climate Walk
Twitter: @jaclimatewalk
Facebook: Jamaica's Climate Walk

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from PPPIRC - World Bank on Vimeo.

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