Climate Change Sensitization #JaClimateWalk

wind vs. coal

“Even if climate change isn’t real [but we know it is], aren’t the benefits of cleaner air, water and land worth all the effort put towards cleaner energy, reduced resource use and all general “green” practices?” - Source unknown.

At ESL, we believe it is worth the effort. That is why our climate change sensitization mission is to provide ease of access to referenced information so that more persons can form opinions about and act more confidently on business and lifestyle decisions regarding climate change.

We will be actively meeting with various companies, schools, government ministries and groups like the Kiwani's Club to develop a solid base of climate aware student, community and business leaders.

Whichever side your opinion sways, have an opinion. This is Generation "[T]ell you what I think." Jamaicans today comment on the US presidential elections with such passion, it would be easy to believe that most of us actually had a vote. 

It's not just Jamaicans. Worldwide daily, we see people debate matters relating to celebrity news, sports picks, religious views and political stance. First hand experience is unnecessary. Background knowledge holds little substance. The need for at least the first hand account of a friend or neighbour is no longer warranted.

Opinions are the driving force of Generation T which can significantly impact the outcome of major economic decisions.

So why is it that Generation T seems so nonchalant about climate change? After all, climate change is the only global occurrence that connects every person living between the North and South Poles. Melting ice caps are responsible for sea level rise and beach loss everywhere from Frenchman's Cove to the Phillipines.

Maybe it's because most persons do not fully understand what climate change actually is, so let's define it:

Climate Change Definition [Video]

Perhaps you've been stumped by the reasoning that climate change and temperature rise cannot be real since the Winter 2014 season in the United States delivered teeth-shattering low temperatures and record snowfall.

OK. Good points to raise, but have you considered how temperature rise might actually cause more intense snow storms? Click here to understand how.

Whether droughts (click here) or increased precipitation (click here) there is scientifically backed information that you can use to broaden your understanding of how climate change will continue to affect weather patterns. Add to that, you can post any questions you might have to us on any of our ESL social media pages and we will provide you with a researched response.

Climate Change Sensitization

Jamaica's Climate Walk Sensitization Initiative (Media Launch)
From left to right: Prof. Michael Taylor, Dr. Barry Wade (Chairman, ESL), Mrs. Eleanor Jones (MD, ESL) & Hon. Kenneth Benjamin (Exec Chairman, Guardsman Group)

Climate Change needs your voice. There are companies earning billions solely from non-renewable resources, who would encourage us to believe that alternative energy supplies such as wind and sunlight are impractical long term solutions. They would choose to have us see a world with stripped forests and over-mined landscapes that would churn single-company profits to the global detriment of increasing climate change effects. What do you think about this? Join the discussion with #jaclimatewalk.

Matt H.
Communications Development Coordinator
Environmental Solutions Ltd./Jamaica's Climate Walk
Twitter: @jaclimatewalk
Facebook: Jamaica's Climate Walk

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