About ESL’s QEHL


About ESL’s Quality & Environmental Health Laboratory

ESL began offering analytical services through ‘ESL Laboratory Services’ in 1994 out of the need for not just timely, but quality data that could stand up to scrutiny . The quality of work produced from the laboratory services was well received and requests from our clients for more diverse services led to the birth of The Quality and Environmental Health Laboratory (QEHL) in 2000. The scope of testing offered covered basic environmental testing to assist our clients to meet regulatory standards.


As Jamaica moves toward improvement of our quality infrastructure, manufacturers and service providers are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of having their products tested against international standards. In 2011, QEHL became the first privately owned local laboratory to gain accreditation to the ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

The scope of this accreditation was for environmental testing for chemistry. In 2013, QEHL increased the scope to include microbiology parameters for environmental and food testing. Today, ESL-QEHL remains the only privately owned local laboratory that is accredited for both food and environmental testing. Among all the privately owned accredited labs, ESL-QEHL currently holds the record island-wide for the most parameters offered and also the largest number of accredited parameters with seventeen (17) parameters distributed across thirty-four (34) different sample types and test methods in its scope.