#5 Climate Change Solutions Secure Better Future


Sustainable Development Model

Sustainable development (SD) is the process of meeting human development goals while maintaining the ability of natural systems to continue to provide the natural resources and ecosystem services upon which the economy and society depend. Approximately 97% of the world's scientists believe that man has contributed to climate change. High levels of deforestation and air pollution from burning coal, oil and natural gas have mainly contributed to larger volumes (above natural norms) of carbon dioxide being trapped within the earth's surface.

The problem with carbon dioxide is that it is a heat-trapping gas, and although other heat-trapping gases exist, carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere the longest. Most carbon dioxide produced will leave the atmosphere in a century, but 20% will exist in the atmosphere approximately 800 years from now compared to nitrous oxide (N2O), about a century for 100% removal, methane (CH4), about a decade for 100% removal and water vapor, which is removed within a few days.

Climate Change solutions that:

  1. Rely on industries to remove atmospheric carbon dioxide (economic value),
  2. Decrease our reliance on burning non-renewable oil, coal and natural gas for energy which contaminate the atmosphere (social value), and
  3. Focus on reintroducing forests and natural ecosystems that naturally remove carbon dioxide from the air (environmental value),

better secure the future return on the investments that we start making today, whether at work, at school or within our communities.

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Climate Change Solutions Secure Better Future

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