4 Mind-Blowing Facts About Trees!

Hello everyone! Today is International Day of Forests — a day for celebrating all the ways in which forests and trees protect and sustain us.


Forests generate oxygen, store water and regulate climate — yet we cut down an area of forest the size of Portugal every year.

Here are four incredible facts about forests:

  1. About 36 football fields' worth of trees are lost every minute due to deforestation.
  2. When forests are cleared, they emit carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. In fact, 11 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans are from deforestation — equivalent to the emissions from all of the cars and trucks on the planet.
  3. In 50 years, a single tree can release about 6,000 pounds of breathable oxygen, enough for about four people per year.
  4. The Amazon region alone accounts for 20 percent of the world's fresh water and 10 percent of the world's known species.

Impress your friends, co-workers and loved ones with some more mind-blowing facts about trees: Watch and share this video in honor of International Day Forests.

Now go hug a tree, literally!