Eleanor B. Jones, M.A.
Position: Managing Director
Profession: Environment and Development Specialist
Expertise: Environmental Planning and Management and Disaster Risk Reduction
Years with the firm: 21 (Founding Member)
Quote: “Harmony with land is like harmony with a friend; you cannot cherish his right hand and chop off his left.”

The environment has always fascinated me. The intricate workings, the interactions between us, humans and the world – everything! It fascinated me so much that I started exploring this world by obtaining a BSc in Geography from the City University of New York, an M.A. in Geography from University of Wisconsin and from there, I kept reaching – from International Environmental Management in Nova Scotia, Canada, training in marketing, project management to disaster risk management. I currently serve as Managing Director and Consulting Principal of Environmental Solutions Ltd, and Chair of ESL Management Solutions Ltd. I am an experienced environmental professional in academia, applied research, consulting, and civil society activities, and a member of several Boards both locally and internationally. My expertise lies in:

  • Environmental Risk Assessment, Management Systems and Strategy
  • Strategic and project-specific Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
  • Comprehensive Disaster Management
  • Project Management
  • Community Consultations and Participatory planning
  • Training
  • When I sat with the other founding partners of ESL, to discuss formation of our own environmental company we emphasized the need to find solutions to harmonize development with environment; We wanted to be the change.

    Since ESL’s launch on Earth Day on April 22, 1991, I have been a part of several projects, covering many different applications related to sustainable development. I have acted as programme/project analyst, strategic planner, trainer, coordinator and team leader. I have worked through policies and practices of governments, international development agencies and business enterprise to maintain sound environmental management and sustainable development principles. I have had the privilege of contributing to the development of policy, strategy and management for environment and development throughout the English-speaking Caribbean, the Maldives in South Asia, Canada, Switzerland, and West Africa. Even more so, I have played major roles through my work with international agencies and the Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (formerly CDEMA) to garner significant resources toward capacity building for disaster reduction in the countries of the Caribbean.

    Over the past 3 decades of change, I have accomplished much, including significant inputs to environment and development studies for the multivariate aspects of road, airport, port, water supply, housing and resort developments; the Caribbean Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDM) strategy and results-based framework; national institutional capacity assessment and capacity building for disaster risk management; environmental and disaster risk management systems; climate change adaptation strategies; stakeholder mapping and consultations; and legislative and regulatory assessments.

    I am proud to be delivering the mandate of ESL, and proud to say that I have a clear understanding of, and empathy with the congruence of development imperatives, hazard vulnerability and climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies. It is worth it to me, when I see positive institutional and operational change in bi-lateral and multilateral regional and international institutions. I am proud to be part of that change.”

    Did you know? Eleanor Jones has been given the title of “Leading Lady of the Environment”… a title which has never been achieved by any other environmental member in Jamaica currently.