Dr. Barry Wade

Dr. Barry Wade, PhD. OD, JP
Position: Chairman
Profession: Environmental Scientist
Expertise: Teaching, Research, Consulting and Management
Years with the firm: 21 (Founding Member)
Quote: “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof.” Psalm 24

Dr. Barry Wade is an environmental scientist experienced in teaching, research, consulting and management. Educated in Jamaica and the USA, he has held senior technical and management appointments in the environmental, energy and financial sectors.

He has been Principal Consultant on several infrastructural development projects throughout the Caribbean including airport planning, expansion and rehabilitation, hydro-power developments, water, waste-water and solid waste management projects, new and upgraded highways, and port expansions.

Dr. Wade worked in the petroleum and energy sectors for eight years, first as Director of Environment and Special Projects of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica and later as its General Manager. During this time he studied Petroleum Industry Management at the prestigious ADL Management Education Institute in Cambridge, Massachusetts and directed a number of industry evaluations, assessments and audits in Jamaica and Belize.

He has produced several major works including his landmark study on the pollution ecology of Kingston Harbour and has conducted more than fifty environmental impact assessments and audits in Jamaica, the Caribbean and Central America. Dr. Barry Wade has received several national and international honours and awards for his contribution to environmental management in Jamaica. These include the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Jamaica Institute of Environmental Professionals, the Silver Musgrave Medal of the Institute of Jamaica, and the National Honour of Officer of the Order of Distinction.

Dr. Wade holds membership in the Jamaica Institute of Environmental Professionals and the Jamaica Institution of Engineers (Civil and Sanitary Engineering Division).

Dr. Wade is Chairman and Consulting Principal of Environmental Solutions Ltd. and a Director of ESL Management Solutions Ltd.