Who We Are

A team of qualified environmental consultants and lab technicians who have managed the delicate balance between development & environment for 25 years.

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Our Qualifications

Our Quality Environmental Health Laboratory (QEHL) is ISO 17025 accredited with qualified chemists, microbiologists and technicians mandated to produce only the highest quality data for our clients.

What We Do

We conduct environmental and lab analysis to assess environmental risk, aid in environmental planning, prevent and control pollution and ensure food safety.

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Welcome to Environmental Solutions Ltd.

Since 1991 ESL has been a leader of environmental companies in Jamaica, striving for the preservation of the fragile balance that exists between environment and industry. For our clients, we continue to aid them to better understand the many reasons and benefits accruing from business practices that complement the environment and improve standard of living and quality of life for staff, customers and the general community. We should all acknowledge the importance of the natural environment in our planning.

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Always remember that the natural environment (this planet) is the only one we have. So the inclination to want to see our people, your friends, family and future generations have a natural environment through which they can grow, play and thrive should be a leading priority.